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One of Shakespeare’s greatest plays, Macbeth tells the story of the treacherous rise and bloody fall of the King of Scotland. Informed by a trio of witches that he is destined to become King, Macbeth and his wife go to greater and greater lengths to attain and to hold onto this goal.

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Written by: William Shakespeare
Show run time: Aproximately one hour and thirty minutes
Intermission count: 1


Director: Margaretta Sacco


Macbeth: Robert Oaks

Lady Macbeth: Laura Shatkus

Second Witch, Ross, Siward, Seyton: Angeli Primlani

Third Murderer, Duncan, Old Man, Porter, Apparition: Jamie Black

First Murderer, Banquo, Donalblain, Son of Macduff, Apparition: Christa Sablic

Second Murderer, Lennox, Fleance, Messenger, Apparition: Robin Billadeau

Third Witch, Macduff, Captain, Gentlewoman: Stacie Swikle

First Witch, Malcolm, Lady Macduff, Doctor: Julia Kessler

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