Twelfth Night

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Twins Viola and Sebastian are separated at shipwreck and land on Illyria. Viola disguises herself as a boy and falls into a love triangle among Duke Orsino and Olivia. Sebastian is rescued by Antonio who loves him fiercely. This comedy has drunken revelries and mistaken identities set during the rock and roll 1950s.

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Written by: William Shakespeare


Director: Laura Sturm

Assistant Director/Musical Director: David Hathway

Stage Manager: Angeli Primlani

Musicians: Mike Evans, Ryan Swikle, Angeli Primlani, David Hathway

Fight Choreographer: Gary Henderson

Front of House: Jim Campbell

Catering: Julia Kessler/Sherry Legare

Marketing: Ben Aldred/Robin Billadeau


Andrew Aguecheek: Julia Kessler

Viola: Katie Suffern

Maria: Kelly Lynn Hogan

Olivia: Laura Sturm

Toby: Ryan Swikle

Feste: David Hathway

Orsino: David Fehr

Sebastian/Valentine: Eric Casady

Captain/Priest/Officer: Geoff Zimmerman

Malvolio: Anne Thompson

Antonio: Gary Henderson

Fabian: Sherry Legare