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George Bernard Shaw’s delightful one-act play Overruled (1913) finds the Irish dramatist at his most entertaining and fun. Two married couples take a break from their spouses, leading to an examination of fidelity and adultery. Though not nearly as famous as some of Shaw’s other work, such as Pygmalion, and lacking the heavy messages of the acclaimed playwright’s weightier works, like Arms and the Man, Overruled offers the chance to laugh at love, lovers and life itself.

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Written by: George Bernard Shaw


Director: Angeli Primlani

Stage Manager/Lighting Design: Benjamin Dionysus

Co-producers: Brigid Duffy and Frank Mahon of Stone Hearth Theatre


Mrs. Lunn: Sherry Legare

Mrs. Juno: Laurie Lister

Mr. Juno: Chris Aruffo

Mr. Lunn: Gary Henderson

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