Boston Marriage

A performance of David Mamet's Boston Marriage

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Anna and Claire have been lovers for years, when Anna becomes the mistress of a wealthy man in order to support them both. But of course it is nowhere near that simple. What does fidelity mean when one’s romantic partnership can barely be imagined as real? Does money distort women’s sexual and personal integrity? Is chintz a sign of love or a form of psychological torture? Must we always hurt the ones we love? And what about … the maid?

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Written by: David Mamet
Show run time: Aproximately one hour and fiteen minutes
Intermission count: 1


Director: Angeli Primlani

Producer: Sherry Legare

Stage Manager/Sound and Properties Design: Matt Cefalu

Lighting Design: Benjamin Dionysus

Costume Design: Kate Setzer Kamphausen

Set Design: David Denman


Anna: Sherry Legare

Claire: Julia Kessler

Catherine: Mary-Ann Arnold

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