Hell - Upton Sinclair

October 8, 2016 | McKaw Theater, Chicago

Does it sometimes feel like the capitalist system is ... demonic? Well, there might just be a reason for that. Upton Sinclair, better known as the author of the muckraking novel The Jungle created this acidic, satiric tale of demons, angels, pacifists, Wobblies, and the poor schmucks who fought World War I. It's not your imagination. This just might be Hell on Earth. Although his classic novel The Jungle is credited with the creation of the Pure Food and Drug Act, he was dissatisfied with only reforming the meat packing industry. Saying, "'I aimed for the public's heart, and... hit it in the stomach". Sinclair tried again in 1924, this time focusing on Western Capitalism as a whole, and militarism specifically.

Production Team:


  • Jake Degler as First Imp/Attendant/Stagehand/Harry/Mike/The Real Devil
  • Kaelea Rovinsky as Second Imp/Whit o’Wit/Comrade Jesus
  • Linsey Summers as Beelzebub/Justice/Wobbly/John
  • Taylor Galloway as Belial/Angel of Humor/Dick
  • Taylor Barton as Moloch/Tom/Pete/Author
  • Julia Kessler as Astarte/Mother/Jim/Karl
  • Jared McDaris as Mammon/Bill Haywood
  • Christopher Sylvie as Satan/Lieutenant/Budge/Joe
  • Heather Branham Green as Attorney-General/Angel of Love/Police Sergeant/Bill