October 8 - November 2, 2014 | McKaw Theater, Chicago

Drawing on her experience as a reporter, and her stint writing for a regional newspaper in D.C., director Angeli Primlani places the Scottish Play into the anxious period of the first Bush Administration. The play is about ambition, and the lengths one man will go to justify himself. Fight designer H. Russ Brown brings his gleeful passion for mayhem to the fight choreography. Jeff-award winning costume designer Kate Setzer Kamphausen puts the cast into the particular dress code of the Bush-era political culture. Local Indie-Rock band Buckman Page contributes their lyric, hopeful music to the show.

Production Team:

  • Director: Angeli Primlani
  • Producer: Sherry Legare
  • Stage Manager: Cat Cefalu
  • Sound Designer: Caitlin Aruffo
  • Marketing/PR: Leala Avdich
  • Costume Design: Kate Setzer Kamphausen
  • Original Song Contributions: Buckman Page
  • Violence Design: H. Russ Brown
  • Lighting Design: Benjamin Dionysus
  • Technical Director/Production Assistant: Liz Homsy
  • Properties Design: Margaretta Sacco


  • Mary-Kate Arnold as Witch
  • Brian Bradford as Malcolm
  • Christie Coran as Witch
  • Amy Gorelow as Witch
  • Evan Johnson as Banquo/Seyton
  • Julia Kessler as Lady Macduff/Gentlewoman/Young Siward
  • Sherry Legare as Lady Macbeth
  • Jared McDaris as Duncan/Porter/Old Man/Doctor
  • Andrew Mehegan as Macbeth
  • Rocco Renda as Ross
  • Julia Rigby as Fleance/Young Macduff/Siward
  • Raker Wilson as Macduff