Misanthrope (staged reading) - Molière

November 18, 2012 | Titzal Café, Chicago

Before there was political correctness, there was Alceste, whose blunt truthfulness embarrasses his friends and makes him tremendously unpopular within respectable society. But there is the honest woman Eliante who pins for him, and Célimène who lusts after him, which leads to quirky flirtations, ripping heartbreaks, and a comedic exile.

Production Team:

  • Director: Adrian Balbontin


  • Jared McDaris as Alceste
  • Ryan Czerwonko as Oronte
  • Veronica Blaire as Basque
  • Abby Smith as Celimine
  • Brandon Jeromy as Acaste
  • Eliza Shin as Arsinoe
  • Elyse Edelman as Eliante
  • George Christophert as Clitandre
  • Jacob Louis Grubb as Philinte
  • Jeff Kurysz as DuBois