The Tempest

February 16 - March 3, 2013 | The Heartland Studio, Chicago

The Tempest is often thought of as a show about endings. It is one of Shakespeare’s last plays and it does deal with mortality and loss of power. But it is also a show about beginnings, the kind that you only get by shucking off the burden of the past and finding freedom in the future. This Alchemy Punk version came about after the founders of The Accidental Shakespeare Company took in a showing of Julie Taymor’s film version of the play.

Production Team:

  • Producer: Sherry Legare
  • Director: Angeli Primlani
  • Assistant Director: Adrian Balbontin
  • Stage Manager: Cat Cefalu
  • Scenic Design: Patrick Ham
  • Costume Design: Kate Setzer Kamphausen
  • Properties Design: Margaretta Sacco
  • Lighting Design: Benjamin Dionysus
  • Movement Design: Ashly Dalene
  • Sound Design/Score: Melissa Schlesinger
  • Scenic Artist: Patrick Van Howe
  • Marketing: John Amedio
  • Set Crew: Jimmy Neenan


  • John Amedio as Antonio
  • Mary-Kate Arnold as Miranda
  • Christopher Aruffo as Prospero
  • Chris Berghoff as Ferdinand
  • Jamel Booth as Caliban
  • Gary Henderson as Trinculo
  • Evan Johnson as Sebastian
  • Julia Kessler as Gonzalo
  • Jared McDaris as Ariel
  • Andrew Mehegan as Stefano
  • Aaron Wertheim as Alonso