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Romeo & Juliet

In a world that values aggression and conflict for their own sakes, prioritizing personal joy, peace, and pleasure, is a radical act.

In the Fall of 2020, Accidental Shakespeare Company will present its next full production, Romeo and Juliet, directed by Company Member Iris Sowlat.

Iris Sowlat’s Romeo and Juliet takes a fiercely queer and radically peace-positive look into the world’s greatest love story, in which two unlikely star-crossed lovers meet by chance and synchronicity. They are both made of the same stars and poetry, despite coming from different worlds. They see the beauty in each other. They dare to prioritize this love over a centuries-old conflict.

Using a DIY-created Neo-Elizabethan-inspired aesthetic, the Ensemble and design team will juxtapose the harsh, unfeeling, violent world of the Verona streets with the lush, sensual, emotionally safe world of Romeo and Juliet’s true selves and the world they create together.

Show Details
Written by: William Shakespeare, adapted by Iris Sowlat


Director: Iris Sowlat


Juliet: Melody DeRogatis

Romeo: Kendra Verhage

Mercutio / Paris: Elizabeth Quilter

Tybalt: Polley Cooney

Benvolio / Prince: AC Rakotoniaina

The Nurse: Lauren Miller

Friar Lawrence: Kamron Palmer

Capulet: Erik Schiller

Lady Capulet: Terri Lynne Hudson

Montague / Apothecary: Victoria Montalbano